International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control (IJICIC)
ISSN 1349-418X

Volume 11, Number 6, December 2015

A Constrained Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Based on Adaptive Penalty and Normalized Non-Dominated Sorting
Weidong Zhang, Xianlin Huang, Xiao-Zhi Gao and Hang Yin
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Human Action Representation and Recognition: An Approach to a Histogram of Spatiotemporal Templates
Sk. Md. Masudul Ahsan, Joo Kooi Tan, Hyoungseop Kim and Seiji Ishikawa
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Some Theoretical Considerations Relevant to Long-Term Rate of Returns on Risky Assets
Xuefeng Wang and Heng Sun
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Optimal Estimation Problem for Discrete-Time Systems with Multi-Channel Multiplicative Noise
Xin Wu, Xinmin Song and Xuehua Yan
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Efficient Software Fault Localization by Hierarchical Instrumentation and Maximal Frequent Subgraph Mining
Jiadong Ren, Huifang Wang, Yue Ma, Yanling Li and Jun Dong
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Deep Learning for Extracting Water Body from Landsat Imagery
Liu Yang, Shengwei Tian, Long Yu, Feiyue Ye, Jin Qian and Yurong Qian
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A Call Option Framework for Loan Swap Hedging under Government Capital Injection
Shi Chen, Ku-Jun Lin and Xuelian Li
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A Semantically Hybrid Framework of Personalizing News Recommendations
Cuong Dinh Hoa Nguyen, Ngamnij Arch-int and Somjit Arch-int
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Multipolar-Valued Fuzzy Sets to Deal with the Cognitive Ambiguities
Rubens dos Santos Guimaraes, Valter Strafacci Junior and Paulo Marcelo Tasinaffo
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Studies on Centroid Type-Reduction Algorithms for General Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems
Yang Chen, Dazhi Wang and Wu Ning
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FPGA Placement Based on Self-Organizing Maps
Motoki Amagasaki, Masahiro Iida, Morihiro Kuga and Toshinori Sueyoshi
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Using a Fractionalized Integrator for Control Performance Enhancement
Yassine Bensafia, Samir Ladaci and Khatir Khettab
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A Planar Inductive Sensor with Very High Stability over Temperature Variations
Max Mauro Dias Santos, Alexandre Baratella Lugli, Reinaldo Borsato Rodrigues and Joao Francisco Justo
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Optimal Switching Time Control of Discrete-Time Switched Autonomous Systems
Shengtao Li, Xiaomei Liu, Yanyan Tan, Yanhui Ding and Kanjian Zhang
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PID Based on Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Controlled AVR System
Rongjie Wang, Yiju Zhan and Haifeng Zhou
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ITTP-Mux: An Efficient Multiplexing Mechanism to Improve VoIP Applications Bandwidth Utilization
Mosleh M Abualhaj
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A Novel Strategy for Improving Root-MUSIC Based on Compressive Sensing
Xin Zhang, Xiaoming Liu, Zhenyu Na, Chang Liu and Xiaoyan Xu
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Networked Hierarchical Control Scheme for Voltage Unbalance Compensation in an Islanded Microgrid with Multiple Inverters
Lizhen Wu, Xusheng Yang, Xiaohong Hao, Yangyang Lei and Yi Li
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Effective v-Solution Path for v-Support Vector Regression
Binjie Gu and Feng Pan
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Wireless Sensor Network Based on High-Dimensional Quantum Communication
Hui Li, Yuhan Zhao and Yingpei Sun
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Some Indirect Proof about the Relation between Universal Gravitation and Temperature
Xuefeng Wang
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Design of a CCNN Online Handwritten Digit Recognizer for a Temperature Sensing Terminal
Lei Wang, Jianfeng Wu and Hongsheng Li
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Robust Speech Perceptual Hashing Algorithm Based on Linear Predication Residual of G.729 Speech Codec
Qiuyu Zhang, Zhongping Yang, Yibo Huang, Shuang Yu and Zhanwei Ren
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A Similarity-Based M(1,2,3) Approach and Its Application in Rating the Security of Network Systems
Junhu Ruan, Takashi Samatsu and Yan Shi
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Analyzing a Computerized Diagnostic Test with Multiple Choice Items and Constructed Response Items Based on Bayesian Network
Shih-Hsin Li, Nai-Fen Gu, Kenneth Lian Lee, Bor-Chen Kuo and Chih-Wei Yang
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Hardware-in-Loop Simulation and Implementation of Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control of Induction Motor Based on FPGA
R. Senthil Kumar and V. Ganapathy
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