International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control (IJICIC)
ISSN 1349-418X

Volume 11, Number 1, February 2015

Production Throughput Evaluation Using the Vasicek Model
Kenji Shirai and Yoshinori Amano
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Design of Robust Broadband Beamformers with Minimax Criterion
Hai Huyen Dam and S. Nordholm
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Controllability and Observability of Multi-Rate Networked Control Systems with Both Time Delay and Packet Dropout
Qixin Zhu, Binbin Xie and Yonghong Zhu
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Stability Analysis and Bifurcation of a Predator-Prey Model with Time Delay in Prey and Diseases in Predator
Qiubao Wang
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Development of Chinese Computerized Adaptive Test System Based on Higher-Order Item Response Theory
Rih-Chang Chao, Bor-Chen Kuo and Ya-Hsun Tsai
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A Thermal Tactile Display for Providing the Blind with Color Perception
Zhen Jia, Jianqing Li and Jianfeng Wu
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The Estimation of GFR and ERPF Using Adaptive Edge-Based Active Contour for the Segmentation of Structures in Dynamic Renal Scintigraphy
Piyamas Suapang, Kobchai Dejhan and Surapun Yimman
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New H-infinity Control Design for Polytopic Systems with Mixed Time-Varying Delays in State and Input
Le Van Hien, Trung Dinh Tran and Hieu Minh Trinh
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CETLH: A New Histogram-Based Cardinality Estimate Approach
Xudong Lin, Xiaoning Zeng and Xiaowei Pu
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Efficient Solution of Constraint Satisfaction Problems by Taking into Account the Relationship of Constraints
Hiroshi Mabuchi and Kohei Fukuchi
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Robust Bifurcation Analysis Based on Optimization of Degree of Stability
Hiroyuki Kitajima, Tetsuya Yoshinaga, Jun-ichi Imura and Kazuyuki Aihara
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Analysis of SOM and PCA Classifier for Finger Grasping Activities by Using GloveMAP
Nazrul Hamizi Adnan, Khairunizam Wan, Shahriman Abu Bakar, Hazry Desa, Zuradzman Mohamad Razlan and Muhammad Hazwan Ali
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A Systems Methodology to Solve Economical-Financial Problems (SMEFP)
Cinthya Ivonne Mota-Hernandez, Teresa Ivonne Contreras-Troya and Rafael Alvarado-Corona
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Blood Vessel Segmentation in Retinal Images by Morphological Operations and by a Novel Pixel Tracking Algorithm
Isam S. Hameed, Helen Ocbagabir, Buket D. Barkana and Burak Yildirim
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Black Hole Attack Model and Simulation for Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Yuanming Ding, Hao Qu and Guang Li
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Optimizing Distributed Production Scheduling Problem in Flexible Manufacturing System Subjects to Machine Maintenance: A Modified Chemical Reaction Approach
Mohd Nor Akmal Khalid and Umi Kalsom Yusof
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Nonlinear Bayesian Mode Filtering
Bo Liu and Ibrahim Hoteit
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On the Mean Square Exponential Stability for a Stochastic Fuzzy Cellular Neural Network with Distributed Delays and Time-Varying Delays
Changjin Xu, Maoxin Liao and Qiming Zhang
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Performance Analysis of Hybrid Electric Vehicle with Electric Double Layer Capacitor under Short Circuit Fault
Ibrahim Sefik and Dimas Anton Asfani
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On the Global Exponential Stabilization of Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Uncertain Systems
Mohamed Ksantini, Mohamed Ali Hammami and Francois Delmotte
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Stabilization for a Class of Markovian Jump Linear Systems with Linear Fractional Uncertainties
Hongmei Huang, Fei Long and Changlin Li
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Ontology-Based Botnet Topology Discovery Approach with IP Flow Data
Ci-Bin Jiang and Jung-Shian Li
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An Algorithm for Checking Incorrectness of a Rule in Equivalent Transformation Programs
Hiroshi Mabuchi and Shinya Miyajima
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Linear-Quadratic Stochastic Differential Games with Markov Jumps and Multiplicative Noise: Infinite-Time Case
Huiying Sun, Long Yan and Luning Li
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A Divide-Conquer Heuristic Search Algorithm for Cutting Surplus Steel Plates of Steel and Iron Companies
Ziqiang Li, Rong Huang, Banglun Peng, Chinchen Chang and Qiuzhen Wang
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Modified Single Pass Clustering with Variable Threshold Approach
Mamta Mittal, Rajendra Kumar Sharma and Varinder Pal Singh
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Communication Paper

Comment on: 'Time-Based Noise Removal from Magnetic Resonance Sounding Signals' by M. Shahi, H. Khaloozadeh and M. K. Hafizi
Reza Ghanati and Mahdi Fallahsafari
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