International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control (IJICIC)
ISSN 1349-418X

Volume 11, Number 5, October 2015

Model-Based Design of Exterior Lighting Control Function for Automobile: MIL, SIL and RCP
Max Mauro Dias Santos, Joao Henrique Neme, Felipe Rezende Franco, Sergio Luiz Stevan Jr.
Weslley Torres, Alexandre Baratella Lugli, Armando A. M. Lagana and Joao Francisco Justo

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Mixed Gaussian and Impulse Noise Removal Based on Kernel Observation and Edge Direction
Fitri Utaminingrum, Keiichi Uchimura and Gou Koutaki
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Artificial Immune Intelligent Modeling for UUV Underwater Navigation System Based on Immune Multi-Agents Network
Hongtao Liang and Fengju Kang
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Projection of Social Interest Housing through the Human Migration Model
Ramon Luevanos Rojas, Arnulfo Luevanos Rojas, Facundo Cortes Martinez, Ma. Aracelia Alcorta Garcia and Alfredo Alanis Duran
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Robust Face Recognition Framework with Block Weighted Sparse Representation Based Classification
Jun He, Tian Zuo, Bo Sun, Xuewen Wu, Yongkang Xiao and Xiaoming Zhu
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A Joint Iterative Decode and Equalization Algorithm for LDPC Signals in Distributed MIMO Systems
Yanyan Huang, Yiming Guo, Hua Peng and Zheming Lu
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Some Hesitant Intuitionistic Fuzzy Linguistic Distance Measures
Yongfeng Pang and Wei Yang
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Distributed Integration of Process Planning and Scheduling Using an Enhanced Genetic Algorithm
Shuai Zhang, Zhinan Yu, Wenyu Zhang, Dejian Yu and Dongping Zhang
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Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control for Semi Active Vehicle Suspension System
Jinpeng Li, Yunmei Fang and Juntao Fei
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Stability and Bifurcation of a Four-Neuron Network with Multiple Discrete Delays
Jin Xie and Yang Zhao
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A Singularity-Based User Similarity Measure for Recommender Systems
Shunpan Liang, Lin Ma and Fuyong Yuan
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A Multi-Class Dempster Classifier with Support Vector Machine for Image Enhancement
Tzu-Chao Lin
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An Improved Neural Network Adaptive Sliding Mode Control Used in Robot Trajectory Tracking Control
Tianhua Liu and Shoulin Yin
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An Application of Image Processing in Vehicle Crash Motion Detection from High Frame Rate Video
Sondre Sanden Tordal, Andreas Klausen, Hamid Reza Karimi, Kjell G. Robbersmyr, Mladen Jecmenica and Ole Melteig
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A Discrete-Time Stochastic Model of Searching and Switching Strategy in a Customized Service Providing Company
Jae-Dong Son
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Optimal Based Robust Fuzzy Parametric Uncertain Controller Design for a SMIB Power System Stabilizer
Jau-Woei Perng and Yi-Horng Lai
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New Development of Stochastic Hopf Bifurcation Analysis in a Novel Two-Dimensional Chaotic System
Ruifen Luo, Jiangang Zhang, Wenju Du and Yingxiang Chang
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Reversible Information Hiding Based on Histogram Shifting for JPEG2000 Images
Zhe-Ming Lu and Xiang Li
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Dynamic Performance Evaluation of Computing System Based on Gene Expression Programming Theory
Jing You, Wei Qin, Hui Feng, Rong Huang and Jinglun ShangGuan
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Incentive Strategy for Knowledge Transfer in Enterprise via E-Learning 2.0
Bing Wu and Chenyan Zhang
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Heavy Vehicle Stability and Rollover Prevention via Switching Model Predictive Control
Fitri Yakub and Yasuchika Mori
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Identifying Influential Nodes in Weighted Network Based on Evidence Theory and Local Structure
Jiadong Ren, Chunyan Wang, Hongdou He and Jun Dong
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Efficient Mining of High Utility Software Behavior Patterns from Software Executing Traces
Haitao He, Tengteng Yin, Jun Dong, Peng Zhang and Jiadong Ren
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Correlation Analysis of Kinetic Energy of Balls and Coal Load for Ball Mills
Yan Bai and Fang He
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The Multi-Child Genetic Algorithm
Fulin Wang, Xiaoming Fu and Huixia Zhu
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Dynamic Hand Gesture Segmentation Method Based on Unequal-Probabilities Background Difference and Improved FCM Algorithm
Qiuyu Zhang, Junchi Lu, Huiyi Wei, Moyi Zhang and Hongxiang Duan
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