International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control (IJICIC)
ISSN 1349-418X

Volume 10, Number 4, August 2014

Application of an Autonomous Distributed System to the Production Process
Kenji Shirai and Yoshinori Amano
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A Robot Vision System for Visual Surveillance
Huei-Yung Lin, Chin-Chen Chang, Meng-Shiun Yu and Horng Wu
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Advances in Distributed Control for Factory Automation on Ethernet Technology
Alexandre Baratella Lugli, Lucia R. Horta R. Franco and Max Mauro D. Santos
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Mode-Independent Guaranteed Cost Control of Singular Markovian Delay Jump Systems with Switching Probability Rate Design
Peng Zhang, Jiangtao Cao and Guoliang Wang
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A New Fuzzy Assessment Based on Interval Value to Evaluate the Aggregative Risk Rate in Software Development
Huey-Ming Lee, Lily Lin and Jin-Shieh Su
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A Comparative Study for Dimensioning of Footings with Respect to the Contact Surface on Soil
Arnulfo Luevanos Rojas
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The Design and Simulation of Modified IMC-PID Controller Based on PSO and OS-ELM in Networked Control System
Haichen Yu, Yongchao Li and Cheng Shao
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Proxy-Driven Streaming Service for Wireless Multimedia Zone Services
Chongdeuk Lee
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Arabic Document Summarization Using FA Fuzzy Ontology
El-Sayed Atlam and Omnia El-Barbary
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Color Image Retrieval Utilizing Extended Fast VQ Codeword Search Technique and Vector Composition-Based Feedback
Zhi-Wei Zhang, Ming-Hui Wang, Zhe-Ming Lu and Ting-Yuan Nie
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Remote Operation System of Robot Arm with Visual Servo Mechanism by Target Selection
Yoshitaka Matsuda, Kenta Tsukamoto, Takeo Matsumoto, Satoru Goto, Takenao Sugi and Naruto Egashira
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Adaptive Fuzzy Control of Direct-Current Motor Dead-Zone Systems
Junsheng Wang
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Formal Model of Aircrafts Safety Separation
Nazir Ahmad Zafar
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Improvement of Classical Evolutionary Programming Using State Feedback Controller
Yousef Alipouri, Javad Poshtan and Hasan Alipour
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Smooth Component Analysis and MSE Decomposition for Ensemble Methods in Multi-Agent Environment
Ryszard Szupiluk, Piotr Wojewnik and Tomasz Zabkowski
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BER Characteristics Analysis of Atmosphere Laser Propagation in a Variety of Weather Factors
Lin Song, Yuanming Ding and Qingli Liu
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Ensemble-Based Time Series Data Clustering for High Dimensional Data
Sampasetty Saravanan and Gulam Mohideen Kadhar Nawaz
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Hierarchical Neuro-Fuzzy Models Based on Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Agents
Karla Figueiredo, Marley Vellasco, Marco Pacheco and Flavio Joaquim de Souza
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A Two-Stage Particle Swarm Optimization for Virtual Enterprise Risk Management
Zhizhong Ding, Fuqiang Lu and Hualing Bi
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A Modified Real-Coded Genetic Algorithm Considering with Fitness-Based Variability
Yoshiaki Ueda, Keiichi Horio and Ryosuke Kubota
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Distance Metric Based Divergent Change Bad Smell Detection and Refactoring Scheme Analysis
Dexun Jiang, Peijun Ma, Xiaohong Su and Tiantian Wang
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Chaotic Ultra-Wideband Covert Communication System Based on Quantum Key Distribution
Xinliang Wang and Hanyu Liu
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A Robust Thresholding Technique for Generic Structured Document Classifier Using Ordinal Structure Fuzzy Logic
Hamam Mokayed and Azlinah Hj. Mohamed
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Optimal Control for Switched Delay Systems
Xiaomei Liu, Kanjian Zhang, Shengtao Li and Haikun Wei
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Non-Monotonic Lyapunov Functions for Stability Analysis and Stabilization of Discrete Time Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Systems
Siavash Fakhimi Derakhshan and Alireza Fatehi
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Unrelated-Parallel Machine Scheduling with Simultaneous Considerations of Resource-Dependent Processing Times and Rate-Modifying Activities
Teng-Ruey Chang, Hsin-Tao Lee, Dar-Li Yang and Suh-Jenq Yang
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