International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control (IJICIC)
ISSN 1349-418X

Volume 8, Number 5(B), May 2012

Regular Papers

DNA Sequence Design for DNA Computation Based on Binary Particle Swarm Optimization
Zuwairie Ibrahim, Noor Khafifah Khalid, Salinda Buyamin, Ismail Ibrahim, Jameel Abdulla Ahmed Mukred, Zulkifli Md. Yusof, Mohd Saberi Mohamad, N. Mokhtar, Muhammad Faiz Mohamed Saaid and Andries Engelbrecht
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A Bio-Inspired Computational Neural Model for Illustration Face and Car Expertise Effect on the Gateway to the Right FFA
Reza Ebrahimpour, Atena Sajedin, Seyed Zeinolabedin Moussavi and AbbasAli Gholamhoseini Fariz hendi
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A Novel Hybrid Classification Method with Particle Swarm Optimization and K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm for Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease Using Exercise Stress Test Data
Ismail Babaoglu, Oguz Findik, Erkan Ulker and Nazif Aygul
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Genetic Fuzzy-Based Steering Wheel Controller Using a Mass-Produced Car
E. Onieva, V. Milanes, J. Perez and T. de Pedro
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Transductive Neurofuzzy-Based Torque Control of a Milling Process: Results of a Case Study
Agustin Gajate, Andres Bustillo and Rodolfo E. Haber
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Non-Speech Environmental Sound Classification Using SVMs with a New Set of Features
Burak Uzkent, Buket D. Barkana and Hakan Cevikalp
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Feature Selections for Human Activity Recognition in Smart Home Environments
Hongqing Fang, Raghavendiran Srinivasan and Diane J. Cook
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Integrated Relative Position and Attitude Control of Spacecraft in Proximity Operation Missions with Control Saturation
Feng Zhang, Guangren Duan and Mingzhou Hou
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A Novel Adaptive Leak Diagnosis and Localization Method for Infrared Image
Ling Zhao, Tao Wang, Peng Shi and Meiling Wang
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Wavelet MACH Filter for Omnidirectional Human Activity Recognition
Tyzzkae Ang, Alan Weechiat Tan, Chukiong Loo and Waikit Wong
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HIQP: A Hidden Node and Interference Aware Channel Assignment Scheme for Multi-Radio Multi-Channel Wireless Mesh Networks
Fei Hao, Jin Ma, Chunsheng Zhu and Laurence T. Yang
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On Automatic Construction of Medical Ontology Concept's Description Architecture
Yao Liu, Zhifang Sui, Qingliang Zhao, Yongwei Hu and Ruijia Wang
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Special Issue Papers

Special Issue on Advances on Computational Intelligence and Information Security
MingQing Xiao

Publishing Sensitive Time-Series Data under Preservation of Privacy and Distance Orders
Mi-Jung Choi, Hea-Suk Kim and Yang-Sae Moon
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Development of an e-Operation Framework for SoPC-Based Reconfigurable Applications
Yenog-Hwa Chang, Yung-Te Chen, Min-Hsiung Hung and Allen Y. Chang
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A Security Enhanced Remote User Authentication Scheme Using Smart Cards
Eun-Jun Yoon, Sung-Ho Kim and Kee-Young Yoo
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A Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm Using Dynamic Weight Design Method
Fangqing Gu, Hai-lin Liu and Kay Chen Tan
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A Minimum-Elimination-Escape Memetic Algorithm for Global Optimization: MEEM
Lei Fan and Yuping Wang
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Sub-Spectrum Sensing Based on Reputation in CRNs
Hongning Li, Qingqi Pei and Xiaohong Jiang
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An Evolutionary Algorithm for Zero-One Nonlinear Optimization Problems Based on an Objective Penalty Function Method
Zhiqing Meng, Chuangyin Dang, Min Jiang and Rui Shen
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Adaptive Neural Control Design for a Class of Perturbed Nonlinear Time-Varying Delay Systems
Ruliang Wang and Jie Li
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Special Issue on Optimization and Control with Applications
Honglei Xu, Yanqun Liu and Xinmin Yang

Linear Quadratic Optimal Control Based on Dynamic Compensation
Guoshan Zhang, Lei Liu and Wanquan Liu
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Design of Distributed Beamforming System Using Semi-Definite Programming
Ka Fai Cedric Yiu, Ming Jie Gao and Zhi Guo Feng
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A Permutation Algorithm for Laser Antimissile Strategy Optimization
Yong Sun, Maorui Zhang and Xiangyu Gao
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A Total Least Squares Technique for the Design of a Wireless Beamforming System
Zhi Guo Feng, Ka Fai Cedric Yiu and S. Nordholm
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Existence for Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control Problems on Time Scales
Zaidong Zhan, Wei Wei, Yinfei Li and Honglei Xu
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RCS Compound Control Design for Near Space Vehicles
Yingjing Shi, Rui Li and Honglei Xu
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Computation of Optimal Control of Linear Systems Using Haar Wavelets
Saroj Biswas, Qing Dong and Li Bai
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Performance Analysis of the Sleep/Wakeup Protocol in a Wireless Sensor Network
Shunfu Jin, Wuyi Yue and Qingtian Sun
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Identification of Operators in Systems Governed by Second Order Evolution Inclusions with Applications to Hemivariational Inequalities
Stanislaw Migorski
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Minimax Passband Group Delay Nonlinear Phase Peak Constrained FIR Filter Design without Imposing Desired Phase Response
Charlotte Yuk-Fan Ho, Bingo Wing-Kuen Ling, Heidi Hai Huyen Dam and Kok-Lay Teo
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