International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control (IJICIC)
ISSN 1349-418X

Volume 9, Number 5, May 2013

Computer Supported Analysis of the Human Body Surface Area
Grzegorz Redlarski and Piotr Mateusz Tojza
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A Novel Framework for Partition-Based Face Recognition
Semih Ergin and M. Bilginer Gulmezoglu
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An Innovative Approach for Detection of Slight Surface Variations on Capacitor Chips
Hong-Dar Lin, Yuan-Shyi Peter Chiu and Wan-Ting Lin
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Optimal Synthesis of the Continuously Variable Transmission Input Mechanism Using an Evolutionary Approach
Portilla-Flores Edgar A., Morales-Cruz Cuauhtemoc, Suarez-Santillan Rosaura A., Villarreal-Cervantes Miguel G., Nino-Suarez Paola A. and Calva Yanez Maria B.
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Digital Communication Using a Novel Combination of Chaotic Shift Keying and Duffing Oscillators
Ashraf A. Zaher
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A Comparison of Two Techniques for Preliminary Diagnosis of Primary Headaches
Jeong Yong Ahn
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Mathematical Model of Thermal Reaction Process for External Heating Equipment in the Manufacture of Semiconductors (Part II)
Kenji Shirai, Yoshinori Amano and Sigeru Omatu
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Versatile Lane Departure Warning Using 3D Visual Geometry
Din-Chang Tseng and Chun-Wei Lin
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HPSOM: A Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm with Genetic Mutation
Ahmed A. A. Esmin and Stan Matwin
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A Practical Secure Chaos-Based Group Key Agreement Protocol Suitable for Distributed Network Environment
Zi-Yao Cheng, Yun Liu, Chin-Chen Chang and Shih-Chang Chang
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Method of Structural Analysis for Statically Indeterminate Rigid Frames
Arnulfo Luevanos Rojas
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Comparative Study of Camera Calibration Models for 3D Particle Tracking Velocimetry
Basanta Joshi, Kazuo Ohmi and Kazuo Nose
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New Energy-to-Peak FIR Filter Design for Systems with Disturbance: A Convex Optimization Approach
Choon Ki Ahn and Pyung Soo Kim
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Effects of Network Size on Knowledge Acquisition via E-Learning Community
Bing Wu
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Chemical Optimization Paradigm Applied to a Fuzzy Tracking Controller for an Autonomous Mobile Robot
Leslie Astudillo, Patricia Melin and Oscar Castillo
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Genetic Algorithm-Based Adaptive Channel Allocation for Best-Effort Traffic Users in Microcellular Systems
Seung Young Park
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Traffic Information Estimation Using Periodic Location Update Events
Hsu-Chia Chang, Chi-Hua Chen, Bon-Yeh Lin, Hsu-Yang Kung and Chi-Chun Lo
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Cyber Swarm Algorithms for Multi-Objective Nurse Rostering Problem
Peng-Yeng Yin and Ya-Tzu Chiang
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A Stable Self-Organizing Fuzzy PD Control for Robot Manipulators
Francisco Salas, Miguel Llama and Victor Santibanez
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Research on the Theory and Method of Rough Programming Based on Synthesis Effect
Fachao Li, Ying Jing, Yan Shi and Chenxia Jin
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An Optimal Control Approach to Robust Control of Nonlinear Spacecraft Rendezvous System with theta-D Technique
Xiangyu Gao, Kok Lay Teo and Guangren Duan
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A Gabor Feature Based Horizontal and Vertical Discriminant for Face Verification
Yi-Chun Lee and Chin-Hsing Chen
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The Relationship between Gap Metric and Time-Varying Gap Metric for Linear Time-Varying Systems
Ting Gong and Yufeng Lu
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Consensus Problems for High-Order LTI Systems: A Decentralized Static Output Feedback Method
Dongmei Zhang, Xingang Wang and Li Meng
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Segmentation of Lungs in HRCT Scan Images Using Particle Swarm Optimization
Qaisar Abbas, M. Tahir Abbas Khan, Amjad Farooq and M. Emre Celebi
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Robust H-infinity Filtering for Uncertain 2-D Continuous Systems with Delays
Abdelaziz Hmamed, Chakir El Kasri, El Haoussi Tissir, Teresa Alvarez and Fernando Tadeo
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A Genetic-Based Optimized Fuzzy-Tabu Controller for Mobile Robot Randomized Navigation in Unknown Environment
Weria Khaksar, Tang Sai Hong, Mansoor Khaksar and Omid Reza Esmaili Motlagh
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Dynamic Events Analysis of Thailand and Malaysia Power Systems by Discrete Wavelet Decomposition and Short Term Fourier Transform Based on GPS Synchronized Phasor Data
Issarachai Ngamroo
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