International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control (IJICIC)
ISSN 1349-418X

Volume 8, Number 7(A), July 2012

New Findings on RFID Authentication Schemes against De-Synchronization Attack
Kuo-Hui Yeh, Nai-Wei Lo, Yingjiu Li, Yung-Chun Chen and Tzong-Chen Wu
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Real-Time Multiple Moving Objects Detection and Tracking with Direct LL-Mask Band Scheme
Chih-Hsien Hsia and Jen-Shiun Chiang
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An Efficient Electronic Cash Scheme with Multiple Banks Using Group Signature
Ming-Te Chen, Chun-I Fan, Wen-Shenq Juang and Yi-Chun Yeh
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Integrated Forward and Reverse Logistics Model: A Case Study in Distilling and Sale Company in Korea
Jeong-Eun Lee and Kang-Dae Lee
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The Drug Tablet Image Retrieval System Based on Content-Based Image Retrieval
Chiu-Chung Yu, Che-Yen Wen, Chuan-Pin Lu and Yung-Fou Chen
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CFM-PrefixSpan: A Pattern Growth Algorithm Incorporating Compactness and Monetary
Bhawna Mallick, Deepak Garg and P. S. Grover
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An ROI-Based Medical Image Hiding Method
Pei-Yan Pai, Chin-Chen Chang, Yung-Kuan Chan and Chia-Ming Liu
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Stability Analysis of Parametric Time-Delay Systems Based on Parameter Plane Method
Jau-Woei Perng
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Implementing a Dynamic Ontology Mapping Approach in Multiplatform Communication Module for Distributed Multi-Agent System
Sally M. Elghamrawy, Ali I. Eldesouky and Ahmed I. Saleh
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Neural Fuzzy Network Model with Evolutionary Learning Algorithm for Mycological Study of Foodborne Fungi
Wen-Hsien Ho, Jinn-Tsong Tsai and Hue-Yu Wang
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Interactive Tools for Designing Fractional-Order PID Controllers
Sebastian Dormido, Enrico Pisoni and Antonio Visioli
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A Bayesian Framework for Face Recognition
Mohammad Reza Daliri and Morteza Saraf
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An Approximation Approach for Digital Image Owner Identification Using Histogram Intersection Technique
Mir Shahriar Emami, Ghazali Bin Sulong and Salbiah Binti Seliman
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Dynamic Integral Sliding Mode Control for SISO Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
Qudrat Khan, Aamer Iqbal Bhatti, Muhammad Iqbal and Qadeer Ahmed
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An Efficient Transcoding Scheme for G.729 and G.723.1 Speech Codecs: Interoperability over the Internet
Rong-San Lin, Jia-Yu Wang and Jeng-Shyang Pan
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Gasoline Engine Intake Manifold Leakage Diagnosis/Prognosis Using Hidden Markov Model
Qadeer Ahmed, Aamer Iqbal, Imtiaz Taj and Khubaib Ahmed
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An Efficient One-Pass Method for Discovering Bases of Recently Frequent Episodes over Online Data Streams
Min Gan and Honghua Dai
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Robust Blind DWT Based Digital Image Watermarking Using Singular Value Decomposition
Habibollah Danyali, Morteza Makhloghi and Fardin Akhlagian Tab
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A Novel Hybrid Approach to Estimating Missing Values in Databases Using K-Nearest Neighbors and Neural Networks
Ibrahim Berkan Aydilek and Ahmet Arslan
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Sempre: Secure Multicast Architecture Using Proxy Re-Encryption
Yun-Peng Chiu, Chun-Ying Huang and Chin-Laung Lei
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Smoke Detection Using Spatial and Temporal Analyses
Chen-Yu Lee, Chin-Teng Lin, Chao-Ting Hong and Miin-Tsair Su
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Evolutionary Algorithms to Solve Loosely Constrained Permut-CSPs: A Practitioners Approach
Luis de-Marcos, Antonio Garcia-Cabot and Eva Garcia
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ID-Based Key-Insulated Signature Scheme with Batch Verifications and Its Novel Application
Tsu-Yang Wu, Yuh-Min Tseng and Ching-Wen Yu
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Constructing Kernels by Fuzzy Rules for Support Vector Regressions
Fengqiu Liu and Xiaoping Xue
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Group Decision-Making with Generalized and Probabilistic Aggregation Operators
Jose M. Merigo, Montserrat Casanovas and Kurt J. Engemann
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LCD Mura Detection with Multi-Image Accumulation and Multi-Resolution Background Subtraction
Din-Chang Tseng, You-Ching Lee and Cheng-En Shie
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Fractional Order Integral Sliding-Mode Flux Observer for Direct Field-Oriented Induction Machines
Yeong-Hwa Chang, Chun-I Wu, Hung-Wei Lin, Hung-Chih Chen and Chia-Wen Chang
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Evaluation of the Disclosure Risk of Masking Methods Dealing with Textual Attributes
Sergio Martinez, David Sanchez and Aida Valls
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A Design Method for Simple Repetitive Controllers with Specified Input-Output Characteristic
Tatsuya Sakanushi, Kou Yamada, Iwanori Murakami, Yoshinori Ando, Takaaki Hagiwara, Shun Matsuura and Jie Hu
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Finite-Time Control for Switched Delay Systems via Dynamic Output Feedback
Linlin Hou, Guangdeng Zong and Yuqiang Wu
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A Novel Simultaneous Fault Detection and Control Approach Based on Dynamic Observer
Mohammad Reza Davoodi, HeidarAli Talebi and Hamid Reza Momeni
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