International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control (IJICIC)
ISSN 1349-418X

Volume 8, Number 6, June 2012

P2P Fair Content Exchange with Ownership Transfer
Chun-I Fan, Wen-Shenq Juang and Ming-Te Chen
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A Filtering Technique to Achieve 2-Consistency in Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Marlene Arangu, Miguel A. Salido and Federico Barber
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An Adaptive ACO-Based Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm for Noisy Image Segmentation
Jeongmin Yu, Sung-Hee Lee and Moongu Jeon
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Performance Evaluation of Aircraft Maintenance Staff Using a Fuzzy MCDM Approach
Hung-Yi Wu, Jui-Kuei Chen and I-Shuo Chen
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Discrete-Time Constrained Predictive Control for Distillation Columns
G. Valencia-Palomo, C. M. Astorga-Zaragoza, F. R. Lopez-Estrada, M. Adam-Medina and J. Reyes-Reyes
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Combining Bagging, Boosting and Random Subspace Ensembles for Regression Problems
Sotiris Kotsiantis and Dimitris Kanellopoulos
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A Novel Prototype Reduction Approach for Supervised Learning
Chih-Feng Liu, Chi-Yuan Yeh and Shie-Jue Lee
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Implementation of a Real Time Integrated Filter System with Geometric Matching Filter Combined SIFT for Relative Motion Estimation
Kyungsuk Na, Sukchang Yun, Mingyu Gwak, Young Jae Lee and Sangkyung Sung
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Effective Constraints Based Evolutionary Algorithm for Constrained Optimization Problems
Sanghoun Oh, Chang Wook Ahn and Moongu Jeon
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Further Results on the Exponential Stability Criteria for Time Delay Singular Systems with Delay-Dependence
Pin-Lin Liu
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A Fuzzy-Neural DBD Approach for Job Scheduling in a Wafer Fabrication Factory
Toly Chen
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Maintenance Reliability of a Computer Network with Nodes Failure in the Cloud Computing Environment
Yi-Kuei Lin and Ping-Chen Chang
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Bicycle Detection Using Pedaling Movement by Spatiotemporal Gabor Filtering
Kazuyuki Takahashi, Yasutaka Kuriya and Takashi Morie
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An Extension of Generalized Bilinear Transformation for Digital Redesign
Guisheng Zhai, Takaaki Norisada, Joe Imae and Tomoaki Kobayashi
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Moisture Content Prediction of Wood Drying Process Using SVM-Based Model
Shengjun Wen, Mingcong Deng and Akira Inoue
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Mobile Robot Hybrid Path Planning in an Obstacle-Cluttered Environment Based on Steering Control and Improved Distance Propagating
Yan Zhuang, Yuliang Sun and Wei Wang
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Extended Support Vector Regression Based Data Reconciliation and Its Application to Plant-wide Mass Balance
Hongren Zhan, Yu Miao and Wei Wang
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A Marriage in Honey Bee Optimisation Approach to the Asymmetric Travelling Salesman Problem
Yuksel Celik and Erkan Ulker
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Relaxed Stabilization Conditions for Switching T-S Fuzzy Systems with Practical Constraints
Chung-Hsun Sun, Shih-Wei Lin and Yin-Tien Wang
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An Ownership Protection Scheme Based on Visual Cryptography and the Law of Large Numbers
Young-Chang Hou and Pei-Hsiu Huang
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An Interactive Fuzzy Multi-Objective Approach for Short Term DG Planning
Majid Esmi Jahromi, Mehdi Ehsan, Abbas Fattahi Meyabadi and Taher Niknam
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Operation Characteristic Control of Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Liquid Feed Fuel System Using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System Model
Chi-Yuan Chang, Chao-Hsing Hsu, Wen-June Wang, Chun-Lung Chang and Charn-Ying Chen
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Transfer an EPC Based Process Model into a Hierarchical Functional Model to Support Value Chain Development
Chao Ou-Yang and Shuo Hong Wang
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Evaluation of Network Reliability for a Computer Network Subject to a Budget Constraint
Yi-Kuei Lin
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A Collaborative Multi-Agent Framework for Abnormal Activity Detection in Crowded Areas
Naveed Ejaz, Umar Manzoor, Samia Nefti and Sung Wook Baik
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Stability Analysis for Systems with Large Delay Period: A Switching Method
Xi-Ming Sun, Guo-Ping Liu, Wei Wang and David Rees
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Dispersed Harmony Search Algorithm for MESFET DC and Small Signal Model Parameter Extraction
Samrat L. Sabat, Siba K Udgata, Leandro d. Santos Coelho, Ajith Abraham and Vaclav Snasel
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An ICN-Based Workflow Process Rediscovery Framework
Kwanghoon Pio Kim
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Selecting a Small Subset of Informative Genes from Gene Expression Data by Using a Modified Binary Particle Swarm Optimisation
Mohd Saberi Mohamad, Sigeru Omatu, Safaai Deris, Michifumi Yoshioka and Zuwairie Ibrahim
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Selection of Proper Activation Functions in Back-Propagation Neural Networks Algorithm for Identifying the Phase with Fault Appearance in Transformer Windings
Atthapol Ngaopitakkul and Chaiyan Jettanasen
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Employing Reduced Order Approach for Computing Protein Folding via Langevin Equation and Lyapunov Theorem
Wen-Tsai Sung and Hung-Yuan Chung
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A Reduced Offset Based Method for Fast Computation of the Prime Implicants Covering a Given Cube
Fatih Basciftci, Sirzat Kahramanli and Murat Selek
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A Hybrid Optimization Method for Wind Generator Design
Xiao-Zhi Gao, Xiaolei Wang, Tapani Jokinen, Seppo Jari Ovaska, Antero Arkkio and Kai Zenger
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Improving Performance of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Efficient Tactical on Demand Distance Vector (TAODV) Routing Algorithm
Mueen Uddin, Azizah Abdul Rahman, Abdulrahman Alarifi, Muhammad Talha, Asadullah Shah, Mohsin Iftikhar and Albert Zomaya
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A New Simplified Swarm Optimization (SSO) Using Exchange Local Search Schem
Changseok Bae, Wei-Chang Yeh, Noorhaniza Wahid, Yuk Ying Chung and Yao Liu
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Using Instance for Large Scale Volumetric Clouds Rendering in Real-Time
Gang Wang, Zhenzhou Ji and Zexu Zhang
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Gain Optimization for Inertia Wheel Pendulum Stabilization Using Particle Swarm Optimization and Genetic Algorithms
Ricardo Martinez-Soto, Antonio Rodriguez, Oscar Castillo and Luis T. Aguilar
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